Gehrisch Arts’ mission is to create artwork that reflects joy and connects with people in a very honest and personal way.

I feel that I speak better through my art than by words alone and that this is a way to communicate with others throughout time. Hopefully this is a way to be remembered long after I am gone.

I thrive on bold colors and clean lines! Whether it is painting, drawing, or photography, I enjoy using organized, bright color patterns.

    • Painting with acrylic paints allows me to use vibrant colors and creative blending techniques, creating rich subject matter. The style of painting that I create has an illustrative feel with some graphics influence.
    • I draw with a semi-photorealistic style mostly with chalk pastels, pastel pencils and colored pencil. I often focus on children portraits and pet portraits in this medium.
    •  In my photography, I enjoy details and working at getting pleasing composition that hopefully tell a story. I use digital technology although some works in my portfolio include film.

With most of my work, I am inspired by the countryside where I live and with the animals that I am surrounded by. My incessant need to constantly create keeps me exploring new mediums and bouncing between the ones I currently use.

If you would like more information, please contact me through my contact page.

Thanks for visiting Gehrisch Arts and I hope you enjoy!

-Becky Gehrisch